Our Story

For more than a decade, we have helped businesses with their photography needs.

Bringing our expertise in commercial photography to the table – as well as our experience in graphic design, branding, communication, and business management – ensures our ability to deliver results that not only fit your brand but take it to new levels.

We see our success and your success as one and the same. From “mom and pop shops” to large corporations, we can help you with commercial-based photography that brings your brand to life.

Meet the founders

Hi! I'm Tracy a photographer who started out creating photos of her friends in the back yard who wanted to be high fashion models. I have had a camera in hand ever since and understand the in's and outs of being a small business owner. Of connecting with your clients. Of doing everything you can to communicate your mission, meet your goals and elevate your brand. It’s a journey, and I'm so honored when I can be a part of that with you.

When I'm not behind the lens or behind the scenes of my business, you can find me riding my bicycle on a beautiful sunny day, taking a last minute, adventurous road trip somewhere in the US, jumping on a plain to somewhere new with friends, or snuggled in my favorite chair near a window with great light and a good book.

My Assistant

Miracle, my 14 year old Miniature Pincher is my assistant and head of security. Her ability to be fierce is equal to her ability to love. She came to me eight yeas ago with quite a few issues. Then again she could have said the same about me. Over the last 4 yeas we have come a long way baby! She has shown she can not only trust humans again, but she's also a giant morning snuggler.

When miracle isn't watching over the house and gear you will find her tossing a plastic squeaker in the air from a brand new toy, growling and pointing to the refrigerator door, standing beneath the plant I call Fred, because it's leaves are long enough to rub her butt when I cannot and mostly what she loves to do is ride in her (safe) backpack on bicycle rides with me.

Unfortunately Miracle and I like to be on the same side of the lens as you can see below and her attitude is often not conducive to meeting new clients. So this might be your only glimpse of her. But like me, she is a work in progress and I will never give up!

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