What is the thing that makes your product/ service different from all of the others on the market? It is YOU. No one else has the same story. Your passion is what took a simple idea from a dream to a reality; that is worth celebrating. I understand that not everyone finds self-promotion easy, and it can be tempting to hide behind your logo. However, your business belongs to you and not the other way around, so by making yourself visible with personal branding photography, you give your business a depth and credibility that you can’t get anywhere else.

2) Trust and Meaningful Connections


According to Forbes, we have at most 7 seconds to make an impression. Well-thought out branding photos can put you ahead of the game by showing people who you are instantly, without the need for a lengthy explanations.

Making a trusting connection is difficult if you are anonymous in your business. Think about what it's like when you first meet someone you like right away. Is it their smile? Their sense of humor? Did you have a mutual eye for jewelry; a feel for fashion or bright colors? We like people similar to ourselves. Commonality is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. It's no different in business.

3) Make the MOst of YOU.

After spending so much time creating your business, channeling your passion and creating an appealing website, something as simple as an uninspiring bio or bland headshot could easily turn your potential clients away. By showcasing yourself in the same way you show off your products, you are saying to clients, “This is who I am; you are going to want to work with me.” Don’t waste an opportunity of to top it all off with professionally curated branding photos. If you have amazing social media posts and website content, you want your personal photos to have the same feel and depth, so that everything looks cohesive and professional.

4) Curated Content

We're living in a world of non-stop over powering visuals. . While it is good business sense to have a professional-looking website, you still have to draw people in each and every day. The only way to do that is with good good quality, curated, original images. Think of your social media posts as a sneak peak through the front window of your business virtual store front. YOu need new content every day. A Branding photoshoot will give you fresh content to use over and over.

The better your first impression on social media, the better the chances are of your potential client visiting your website and getting to know your brand even better.

5) Curated Just For YOu

Your personal branding session will begin with a phone call to find out all about you and what you do. From what colors fit your brand to the feel and vibe you want your business to portray to where your photo shoot will take place. No two branding photo sessions are the same. They are created around you and you alone.

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