As I sit here on my bed watching The Librarian, uploading photos of my most recent front porch sessions, I realized why I have enjoyed and come to look forward to doing these portraits so much. And in doing these how important purpose and intention is in our lives. It's something we've all taken for granted as a freedom and ability I'm afraid. And while we are living in some very strange times, I believe a big part of human mental survival is having purpose and the need to look forward to something. But these days we've been told we cannot do much of anything so any little bit of purpose and intention we can bring to our day creates hope. The hope of normality and the creation of new purpose in our new norm as we move into a world much different than the one we left Mach 17 of this year.

I've also realized the norm of meeting someone for coffee on a Sunday morning, going out for drinks with friends after work or helping to plan a friends birthday party is over for a while and why when I received an email about a Zoom meeting from Katie of Katie O'Brien's Photography after only thee weeks of quarantine, I was super excited. Katie is a local Chicago photographer with a huge heart who has worked diligently to pull together a small group of local photographers to create these fun portraits. On top of is she's helping us all give back to a charity that makes face masks for people who need them in our community. I believe these sessions not only give our families the something to look forward and a way to document these crazy times but allows us photographers to have a meaningful purpose.

If you would like to be a part of these wonderful FRONT PORCH SESSIONS and documenting this time in history please contact Katie O'brien Photography on Facebook or SHOOTWITHKATIE on instagram to set your appointment.