That is a statement that the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be spread across the Earth and allowed to flourish. It can also be used in a more political tone among conservatives e.g. opposition to policies perceived as "socialistic" in nature. That's what the dictionary says anyway's and it definitely applies here.

Where do you stand on the reopening of everyday life? Now or later? Somewhere in between?

Well, this morning I covered a peaceful protest on the subject. Bright and early at the comer of Randall and County line Road in Algonquin IL. Each opinion took a side with the six lanes between them speaking volumes.

The man you see above is a a full time EMT. By his side were health care professionals and they were all wearing masks. Each one had emotional stories about what they had seen and who they had personally lost. They were calm, friendly and willing to either answer any questions or educate anyone who wanted to listen. They were always focused on the subject at hand. Politics and blame were never part of their dialogue.


Now, I can only tell you what I saw and how I felt while covering this event. And you should know I'm in the middle on this subject, but those whom were on the other side and eager for a quick re-open had a different attitude then the first group.

For one they were large and the vibe literally changed as I made my way across the street. The diatribe was aggressive, filled with finger pointing. A better use of this time and verbal space should have been about the main issue but instead it was sprinkled with things like the upcoming election, gun issues and angst against big government. To top it all off there was a whole lot of conspiracy theory type talk.

In my opinion no two parties can ever make changes for the better if they aren't equally educated and armed with as much information on a subject as possible. Moe people need to open their minds and listen about the side they least like. It might be difficult and uncomfortable but at some point you may see your both more in tune than you think. From there it takes compromise and solutions. No one can get everything they want but maybe we can all get a little of what we need to make things better.

Blaming and pointing fingers gets us nowhere. The past does us no good if we haven't learned from it. Protests are a waste of time if you don't follow through by doing something about what your standing for at that moment.

Be kind, Stay safe and do the right thing. Write letters, make calls and have an informed collective voice.