Just be yourself!

It is not your fault the photos aren’t good.

Unless you truly hate your nose from every angel or wish you had cut your hair the week before instead of the day before. If you ignored all the info your photographer sent to you prior to your session, I can say you might be part of the reason. BUT! If you make sure you are prepared then every professional photographer’s job from that point on to make the magic happen.

A photographers job is to help you get comfortable, uncomfortable, or create a fun environment that helps you smile easily depending on the idea for the photo. This should be decided on from the beginning. Are you going for Dark and Moody? Do you want this to be fun and lighthearted? Do you need to appear strong and in control? This is the information your photographer will use to help create the images needed.

Also a professional headshot photographer’s job is to have the ability to photograph everyone at an angle that suits their facial needs. We have tricks and we know how to use them. This does not mean we are using photo shop, though we can. Let’s get it right in-camera first. We will watch you and ask what your likes and dislike are about yourself.

Photos above by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz once said, “It is not my job to make the client comfortable in front of my camera.”

She isn’t wrong. BUT, Her goal is to make people uncomfortable.That is her style. This is how she creates the iconic images she does. This is why she asks many people to do extreme and uncomfortable things.

Take the iconic image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono above. The first image was safe and she knew it. She also knew exactly what to do to get her subject/s to get to where they needed to be for an even better photo.

My point is like every photographer, no matter what your focus is; she continues to have the job of getting her subjects to give her what she wants for her photos. Like knowing our gear, we need to figure out those in front of us and how to get the best out of them.

But it takes two to tango. So get some sleep, dry clean your clothes, get your hair colored the week prior and we will do the rest. 

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